Madness: March 3:16 | Story 3

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    What a comeback, Nashville is packed with longhorns fans #HookEmHorns
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    #Longhorns with the comeback? #fingerscrossed #goodfinish?
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    Get the feeling game could get away from SDSU unless it makes a run … now.
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    I think we need an I Believe chant!! Let’s go Aztecs! #SDSU
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    OMG! #Cincy better not mess my brackets up today
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    Barnes just lets the talent do their thing.. if this becomes a coaching match I still like cincy.. better post player and game coach
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    I swear to god, Creighton is single-handedly going to make me hate white people on a @ChivesMcGee level.
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    @KingAlga some people were shouting Roll Tide at a bar in Portland last night. Thought of you. Miss you buddy.
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    I think Bama should stop trying to press Creighton. Jays making them look foolish
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    Every time #TBS goes to commercial, they show a Creighton play. Every time.
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    RT @StARin_at_you: my love for creighton is unexplainable.
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    A close game is good to watch but bad on the heart.. (well only if u a true fan, it is) Roll Tide Roll…!!!!!
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    Cincy survives. My Sweet 16 is still intact. Now, let’s go ‘Bama/UVA/Aztecs. #marchmadness
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    Is Rick Barnes the man for the job, #Texas #Longhorns fans?
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    No coach does less with more than Rick Barnes.
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    Billy Donovan’s Gators have always had a sexy full court press #forceturnovers
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    I don’t agree with the full court press but it’s working like a charm #cavs #gators
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    Florida and Virginia are a combined 0-16 from 3 so far. #Yikes
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  26. CadChica Sports

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