Madness: March 3:16 | Story 2

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    San Diego State’s athleticism has been too much for NCST so far.
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    San Diego state must be all vegans, because there serving up YAMS #MarchMadness
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    Man this SDSU-NC St game is crazy. Both teams are crazy athletic #marchmadness
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    Come on Texas you’re better than Cincinnati!
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    Im loving it..cause I picked cincinnati to beat them..sorry bekahRT @b3kah33: Wow #Texas, really???
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    I get chills watching the clip of #NCST making the dance…love kids that truly appreciate how special it is. #MarchMadness
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    I hate having to cheer against #ACC teams just for the sake of my bracket. #MarchMadness #NCSt #SDSU
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    The NCAA tournament is great… but just isn’t the same without Gus Johnson.
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    Wow #NCST cant do anything without the refs on their side haha
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    Can somebody find Gus Johnson and tell him that March Madness has started. This tourney just isn’t the same.
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    : No fluke that a Gus Johnson-less tourney spawned a lame Day 1. His apoplectic callin’ is a catalyst for electric ballin’!” @DJ_Sixsmith
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    @ChildersRadio Bevo is a real Longhorn… Hook Em is the mascot. #MascotSnob
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    Texas freshman Jonathan Holmes just fell during a time out when his chair broke beneath him. Cincy up 44-30. #thatkindofaday
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