Madness: March 3:16 | Story 1

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    #MarchMadness time!!!!!! #Marchisthebest
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    Watching 12 hours of basketball today! #marchmadness
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    Come on upsets! My bracket has them happening 2day – except for my #TarHeels of course. #MarchMadness
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    Game Day vs Texas! Go Bearcats. Good luck to Coach Cronin and the team. @ProvostOno
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    Texas your just too young and sloppy for my bearcats
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    Winner. “@PeteThamelNYT: I wish this Texas game was on the Longhorn Network so no one could see it. Texas has 2 points at the Under-8.”
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    Texas has missed 11 of first 12 shots, but the good news is Longhorns QBs haven’t throw any interceptions
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    Today is all about the #Aztecs and #Gaels. #getitdone
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    NC State might not have a ton of quality wins, but the Wolfpack are a good team. I think they should win easily against San Diego St.
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    Always amazed how old some of these ‘kids’ look in the tourney. Snapshots from my college days resemble a middle school field trip #Madness
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    Neither Texas or California deserved to be in the Tourney over Washington #Robbed
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