March Madness – Ides Of March | Story 6

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    My man @Jerry_brewer probably has his WKU alumni sweater on just hoping to stay within 40.
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    OK, now that WKU is ahead of UK, I think they should call it a game at 12-10.
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    i believe all of my friends in Columbus are ready as well…with that being said i will start in the East and go with Ohio State and Gonzaga
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    One thing I will not miss about #WVU when they go to the Big 12 is the marching band’s rendition of that ridiculous John Denver song.
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    I’m Loving sitting on the couch with my oldest daughter watching march madness, checking our brackets. 1st yr playing BB= new interest
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    There’s no doubt that WKU spends less on mascot costumes than any college. #bigred #NCAA
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    Chuck’s upset special is a 7 seed Gonzaga beating a 10 seed W. Virginia!
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    @GonzagaBulldogs Let’s go Mountaineers!
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    My first two upset bids playing tight. (10) WVU down by six on the zags, and (12) VCU up three on Wichita State. #NCAAtourney
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    @BigErn860 either way gonzaga isnt getting to far… hows your bracket going?
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    Fans here still booing the Asheville-Syracuse score.
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