March Madness – Ides Of March | Story 4

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    Spending halftime studying NC-Asheville in prep for story about 1st 16-1 upset in NCAA history
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    im glad somebody got a correctly spelled version of “UNC-Asheville” trending
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    There will be so many bracket fails if Asheville wins… including mine
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    What weight/nutrition program is Marquette basketball on? #teamswol
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    And theres the hail and wind. Better not knock out the damn tv. Im watching marquette and byu.
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    Remember to eliminate Ohio State & Syracuse from contention. The last 8 champions have had blue in their uniform #crazytrends
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    southern miss done lost already & syracuse is blowing my life…i hate everyone on those teams right now even the ppl who wash their clothes
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    I think #21 for #LBSU has Timberlands on. #streetcred
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    #Lobos need to find their rhythm, I am sick of these commentators reading off of their LBSU notes.
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    One of Cuse’s cheerleaders just wiped out during a routine. That sums up the first 25 mins from the Orange.
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    Audible gasp from the crowd here in Portland as the Syracuse-UNC Asheville score is announced.
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    Yeah, if I was TruTV I wouldn’t show the score either.
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    The first day of #MarchMadness should be a National Holiday.
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    since MIT didn’t make tourney, i root 4 Harvard! #fb #marchmadness #boston
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    If UNC-Ashville holds on for the win, i will throw every bracket i have away and redo every one i can find #marchMADNESS
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    Why is byu fouling down 19 with 1:12 to go smh
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    You’re going to make THAT call?!?!
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    Least popular man in Pittsburgh: that official.
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    That was some clutch play by the refs to pull this one out for Cuse.
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    Big East refs…. #YouSuck #JohnCal
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    Syracuse was a 16-point favorite. This isn’t a fix, it’s just all sorts of horrible bad.
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