March Madness – Ides Of March | Story 3

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    Always nice to have a perfect bracket after one game! It’s the next 62 that really foul things up….
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    Did you have Colorado State in your Elite Eight? If so, you’re off to a bad start. FINAL: Murray State-58, Colorado State 41. #Only41Points?
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    The Wisconsin tradition of handing the player you are subbing in for a towel, no matter how far out of the way it takes you, is quaint.
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    #Montana should be winning this game. No way #Wisky keeps shooting from outside at this pace. #MarchMadness
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    Right in front of me, Badgers and Grizz are making 3s for an entertaining watch. And I do have a bias — for the UW band. Best in biz.
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    wayne tinkle is gonna have to inspire his players at halftime for a big #upset #GoGriz
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    2 games in and already our 1st ViewFromVegas-type moment with Kansas St. covering 5.5-pt spread with 70-64 win over Southern Miss on late FT
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    Marquette is moving so fast, they are causing a delay on my parents’ old TV. #Imlivinginthe20thcentury
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    So BYU came back from 25 down, right? Hmmm, that means we better jump out to a 50pt lead, yes? #warriormode #mubb
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    Marquette vs BYU is basically black vs white
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    Rick Pitino just yelled to Peyton Siva: “Don’t fall down again,” after Siva crashed on drive to basket. #UofL
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    the only bball i find remotely interesting #marchmadness #allontheline
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    My bracket just burst into flames. Two games have been completed.
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    that’s right my bracket is #1 on espn right now fools! hahahaha
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    I think my perfect bracket will stand the whole #MarchMadness
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    Dad doing better today! Sugar down, NG tube out and off one of the meds! Oh AND the RACERS WON! #God is good!
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    Wayne Tinkle’s team is playing like poo.
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    BURN! RT @McMurphyCBS Baylor F Quincy Miller was asked what is a Jackrabbit (South Dakota State’s mascot). He replied: “A deformed rabbit”
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    Montana apparently not interested in helping my bracket.
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    MT “VIDEO: Southern Miss Band Chants Racist Remarks At #K-State’s Rodriguez” stay classy SoMiss #ulost #potmeetkettle
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    Southern Miss Band Being Super Racist
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