March Madness – Ides Of March | Story 1

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    Hello March Madness! (Goodbye work productivity) #donttellmyboss
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    Best part of March Madness? The so-called “experts” become really dumb in about 10 minutes. But I still like Murray St a lot in game one…
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    There is such a thing as in-state brotherhood: The Kentucky fans here in #Louisville are cheering loudly for #MurrayState #MarchMadness
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    Ugh. Forgot how many Masters commercials we’re going to see over the next three weeks.
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    Most used names in Bracket Challenge entries: 16 Johns, 13 Wills, 11 Mikes, 9 Matts. Best name: “My picks creigh”.
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    The Murray State/Kentucky crowd erupted after that 3-pointer to give the Racers the lead #MarchMadness #Louisville
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    Love the way CSU’s Pierce Hornung plays. Just dove for a loose ball, earned Rams a possession.
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    #murrayst has just passed #weareUK for the loudest fans in the Social Arena on the NCAA Facebook page. #Marchmadness
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    #somiss should have been in a play in game. #awful
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    Think i’ll watch the K-State & Southern Miss game! Frank Martin is always an entertaining coach to watch.
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    #Syracuse better be figuring out a way to gaurd #KState’s McGruder, SOMISS obv, hasn’t figured it out yet.
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    Good luck to CU and CSU basketball teams today! We’ll be cheering for you from Colorado! #marchmadness 
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    Something to watch for social media nerds during today’s 1st game: Will CSU @CoachMiles tweet at halftime like he has during previous games?
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