Tweet-Tourney Madness

  1. Selection Sunday. A random collection of tweets from this last hour of The Selection Show:
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    Some interesting fashion choices from the coaches on CBS right now. Self’s checkered jacket, Haith’s open-chest shirt, JTIII’s denim.
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    If the Dawgs get in, they need to take advantage of the second life. Get humble and make a run.
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    Come on, Selection Committee. Show some guts and put the Pac-12 champion in the play-in game.
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    It’s time. Selection show. Best times of year!!!
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    For the next hour, somewhere…Billy Packer is sitting in a recliner grumbling loudly at the TV.
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    @Andy_Staples @jonsol

    N.C. is overrated in my opinion.

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    If Colorado is a No. 11 seed, there could be hope still for Pac-12 at-larges.
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    Colorado as an 11 is a joke, a flat-out joke.
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    If Peyton Manning announced his decision now would Twitter have enough bandwidth to survive?
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    Can. Not. Believe. #Iona. Got. In.
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    Good for Iona. Probably a No. 14 seed because of BYU’s “no Sunday play”rule.
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    Ah, Iona. Getting auto-corrected to “Iowa” since 2005.
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    Vandy v. Harvard? NERRRRDDDD FIGHT!
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    Montana will beat Wisconsin. Book it.
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    GRIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Down with the cheeseheads!
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    Wow, the no. 1 seed in the pac-12 tournament Washington is left out but the 2-seed Cal is in.
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    BREAKING: Illinois, Northwestern, DePaul, Illinois State all accept invites to the Land Of Lincoln Invitational. Winner gets a high five.
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    Filling out this bracket will be harder to figure out than what Lou Holtz is saying.
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    Funny that Michigan DID draw the real Ohio. #Hoke
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    You know what they say: That Pac-12 schedule prepares the champion for a run — through the NIT
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    How much do I not miss Billy Packer ranting during Selection Sunday.
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