Let the craziness begin. If today’s championship games are any indication, we are in for quite a tournament….with a lot of upsets.

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    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:12:24

    How bout those Commodores? They get a huge upset win today over Kentucky. Can’t say that anyone predicted that outcome but I sure hope it’s a sign of things to come on Thursday.

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    Wow, call it what it is: biggest win in Vandy basketball history.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:11:42
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    Vandy is better than Kentucky in football AND basketball. LOL.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:18:23
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    Congragulations Vandy, especially your seniors.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:41:33
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    Again, your 2012 #SEC Men’s Tournament Champions, the Vanderbilt Commodores #SECNOLA
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 16:08:41
  6. Not to be oudone……Florida State, fresh off of their upset of Duke yesterday, pulled off another one today with a victory over the “mighty” North Carolina TarHeels.
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    So it’s official: Florida State is a basketball school now.
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:11:26
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    If UNC fans salty what’s the word to use for Dook fans????? #imconfused
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 16:11:22
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    It’s nice to see schools that don’t have the resources to compete in college football succeed in March hoops. Congrats, Florida State!
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:22:13
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    It’s a Seminole moment. #FSU
    Sun, Mar 11 2012 15:34:05
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