Friday Fun Tweets

“It’s the most wonderful day of the week.”

This is my moment. This is my time. This is…….late.

Friday Fun Tweets. Better late than never I say. My collection of fun tweets that you might have missed from the past week. Or the tweets that you may want to read again. And then there are some where…..umm….you’ll see (Raiders).

So let’s go:


Leading off…..the giant behemoth of a story…Peyton Manning. There were so many funny tweets about this Peyton Manning story. Colts cut Manning. Press conference held. Manning goes “The Bachelor” style and begins visiting his future……wife?


But before Peyton chooses a suitor, there was other NFL news with the franchise tag deadline last Monday. Liz Mathews summed it up pretty well don’t you think?


Sigh. A long time ago I was an NBA fan. Even though I’m not one now, it was sad, relatively speaking, to see the NBA and Clay Bennett steal the Sonics away from Seattle. I’ve grown fond of the Sonics the longer Seattle is without a team. A picture came across Twitter last week that without question belongs in Friday Fun Tweets. [NOTE: I remember Dennis Johnson playing for the Phoenix Suns. Now his nephew plays for the Arizona Wildcats. Yup, I feel old.]


Jose Canseco seems to find a way to get his name back into the spotlight. Not always in a good way either. Last week it was announced he was suspended by the Mexican baseball league he was in for violating substance policy. He took to Twitter of course to defend himself. But there was another tweet that caught my eye…..and not about the suspension either. You be the judge.


No, don’t stop reading now. Yes, it’s a soccer tweet but I promise you will laugh.


When I first saw this tweet, I thought the Washington Huskies will surely win now. They have the talent to put the Oregon State Beavers away. (They didn’t. They lost. So that makes this tweet even more funny to me now.)



Oh Lord, it’s hard to be a Raiders fan……when other Raiders’ fans do this:


If ever a tweeted picture could make Bobby Knight look like a kid again, this is it.


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