Picard On Peyton


After news broke on Twitter today that the Indianapolis Colts would be cutting ties with Peyton Manning, I channeled my inner Captain Jean-Luc Picard.


Data (as played by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen): Captain. The Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning will part ways tomorrow.



Raise shields!

Load photon torpedoes!

Target phasers!

Lock on target!


Commander Worf: The Twitter timeline and lists have been destroyed Captain.


Okay, okay, maybe not “explode” but sometimes when a sports story breaks, it seems like everyone has an opinion. OY!

But I’m the captain (still channeling my inner-Picard). My opinion is the only one that matters!

That means two tweets of the night:

One is a practical, “makes-sense” kind of tweet:

And the other……..

Any tweet that calls Peyton “Godzilla” is okay by me.


CadChica Sports

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