Sexy. Confident. Talented.

Sexy. Confident. Talented.

Thank you, thank you everyone but I’m not talking about me………..this time. [Yes, that’s a joke.]

This time, it’s Danica Patrick.

Wait! Don’t leave. Hear me out.


I will be the first to admit. I am not a NASCAR or racing fan. Watching cars “go round in circles” is not my idea of entertainment.

NASCAR is popular. I get it. Some like NASCAR, I like soccer. It’s cool.

But there’s a story in NASCAR this year that has many people talking about the sport: Danica Patrick.

Patrick begins her first full year in NASCAR this year. Prior to this she had raced in the Indy Circuit. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she won exactly one race. Yet, she made a name for herself off the track even before she won a race. Oh, and she made $$$ too…..lots of it. Why?

Because, she is the aforementioned ‘sexy, confident & talented’. All of those qualities in a sport dominated by men. In the business world of advertising, why wouldn’t a company latch on to a woman like that? It’s good business.

But as much positive exposure she received through her off-track ventures, an equal resistance emerged among media and sports fans. The prevailing sentiment in the sea of negativity? She hasn’t won a race and yet she’s reaping the benefits as if she had. Fair enough……or is it?


A sampling of some tweets from this past weekend:


Alright some of those are fake Twitter accounts but those tweets were re-tweeted quite a bit. Why? Aside from being funny, they reflect the feelings of many that she’s been given a free pass, perhaps. She possibly has not “paid her dues”. Ask ten different people what they think of Danica and you’ll get ten different answers.

But then comes word of this story:


Ross Shimabuku was suspended for a sexist remark about Danica Patrick. 

In researching for this post, I came across this take-down of Mr. Shimabuku that is entertaining to say the least. It includes the apology by Mr. Shimabuku that leaves much to be desired. 


MY TAKE: Chicken or the egg? Did the media coverage create the Danica factor or did the Danica factor create the media coverage? Does anyone know the answer to this question? I don’t think so. 

Personally, I could care less. When I first started hearing about Danica, I tended to agree with those who felt she should win something first. But then I look at college kids coming into the pros. Before they’ve played a game in the pros they’re signing multi-million dollar sponsorship deals. They don’t necessarily have to have won anything in college. They just have to be good. And if they’re ‘sexy, confident and talented’, the possibilities might be endless (think Tim Tebow).

Some people think Blake Griffin is sexy. He’s confident. And talented. Yet, he didn’t win anything in college. He became rich not long after turning pro. Hmm, younger than Danica I believe. Look at him now and he’s all over the place in commercials, magazine and internet ads, billboards….ugh! Right? 

My opinion has changed. 

Now, I don’t care. If she wins, great. If she doesn’t, great. Doesn’t matter. If you don’t like hearing about her, don’t tune in to the races she’s in. Don’t click on the GoDaddy website when a new commercial comes out. Don’t follow her on Twitter and definitely don’t RETWEET any tweet that has her name in it. It just fuels the fire that is Danica coverage. 

As for Mr. Shimabaku? Three words for you and it isn’t “I Love You”…..Get. A. Clue.


CadChica Sports

(aka Sexy. Confident. Talented.)

Yes, I’m kidding. I think. 

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