Sports On TV: Twitter Power

50+ seconds left in the game.

Arizona needed the win.

UCLA needed the win.

It had been a back and forth game in the last few minutes when all of a sudden I hear this. BOOM! Another game came on my tv. Needless to say…..


Slightly miffed comes to mind. Perhaps slightly stronger. Living in Pac-12 country, there should not have been a switch from MY game. Nevertheless, my tweet came with a quick response.

Craig Stanke is the deputy managing editor at While I was appreciative of his quick tweet reply, it actually was referring to a different game that CBS was airing. And so I replied:

Again. Immediate response from Mr. Stanke.


I kid you not….within just a few minutes (an eternity in college basketball terms), the game was back on. Long enough for me to see Arizona win. (Woo Hoo).

Was it because of my tweet? I’d like to think so. In the old days, you’d have to call your local station to complain and hope that your complaint was actually heard. But with Twitter, fans have direct access to networks, sports media, teams, athletes, league officials and more. It gives fans a voice like never before.

I used my voice. CBS Sports responded. So I can think of no better way to thank them than…tweeting and posting about it:

Thank you Craig Stanke and CBS Sports.


CadChica Sports

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