Friday Fun Tweets

What do you do when you have too many choices? No eenie-meenie-miney-moe. No “rink-a-dink, a bottle of ink & you stink”. No throwing darts or anything like that. Not even screaming. This is my dilemma this week for Friday Fun Tweets.

There are at least 50 tweets to choose from for this edition. Tweets spanning all sports. If only I had some Simon Cowell in me, I could just say “That was horrible” and move on to the next one. But, I do not.

Whittling down while I type……..Friday Fun Tweets:


Absolutely have to start with some Sonics love. An NBA or Sonics fan I am not, but to see a city lose a team like Seattle did, makes me want to root for them. As news broke this week that Seattle may get a new arena soon, I can’t help but cheer for them. So I lead off with them, in this edition of Friday Fun Tweets:

BONUS: Came across one that explains Mondays not only in Seattle but potentially, everywhere.


The sensation that is Jeremy Lin is all over Twitter, sports websites, YouTube and…….grocery stores?


A surprising development this week at ESPN and Monday Night Football. Ron Jaworski, who many say is a top-notch football analyst, was “removed” from the Monday Night Football booth and moved into the studio. Why? Who knows. But I love the tweets that came out of it. 


Technically speaking, football is over, Thank goodness for Twitter.

Not every tweet is “fun” but sometimes tweets just make you stop and say “WOW” or “WHOA”.


No specific category for these but they are Friday Fun Tweet worthy.

To view the video in the tweet above, click the link in the tweet or view it under VodPod section in top right corner of the page.




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If you find a tweet that you think is worthy of being in Friday Fun Tweets, tweet the link to me @CadChica or send me an email with the tweet-link to

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