It’s Jerry Sandusky’s Day

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This is the story that never ends.

It won’t end for the ‘reported’ victims.

It won’t end for media.

It won’t end for Penn State.

It won’t end for Jerry Sandusky.

Today, Judge John Cleland, ruled in Sandusky’s favor allowing him to see some of his grandchildren as well as a jury of his peers. Sandusky, who had been under house arrest since December, will now be allowed to have adult visitors, parent-supervised visits with his grandchildren and more in multiple rulings Cleland gave to the defense.


Commentary: I’ve written a couple of posts on this subject before:”Hey Penn State – What About the Kids?” and Penn State – 11/9/11“.  Keeping a close eye on this story, I’m sure I will have more to say at it goes on. But today, it is Jerry Sandusky’s day.

He will have his time with his grandchildren. Friends will be allowed to visit him. He can go outside on his porch without restriction. And he will have his day in court. That’s how it should be. 

In this country, that’s how it should be right? 



Think it’s not Jerry Sandusky’s day?


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