Spanning the Twitterverse: Friday Fun Tweets

Whoa baby! Friday snuck up on me this week. Writing and ranting. Tweeting and entering contests.

Wait, what?

Yes, that’s right. Yours truly is up for Xfinity’s Social Media Sports Reporter contest.

Who better for the job than me? Lifelong sports fan. Knowledge across the sports spectrum; not just the major sports. Blogging about social media in sports. Hello!! Right up my alley. So please be sure to vote for me once a day. Voting ends February 19th. 

Thank you for allowing me that small PSA (personal service announcement).


Let us resume the fun……because it’s time for Friday Fun Tweets.


The wonderful thing about Twitter is even though football is over we can still talk, or tweet, about it. Thank goodness because these were some of the funnier or more interesting tweets from the past week. Super Bowl tweets can be found here and here.

First the Pro Bowl and now this? Seattle Seahawks’ Safety Earl Thomas wants to play on offense?

What’s not to love about a Tecmo Bowl tweet? 

There’s a contingent of Seahawks’ fans who would like to see a new quarterback for next year. Count the 520 bridge as one in that contingent. (Yes, the 520 bridge has its own Twitter account.)


Enough football. Sacrilege to say in this country I know but I do cover other sports’ tweets.

This next one might be slightly older but if you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you know this to be true.



Too many good ones this week to choose one.

Maybe this one is my favorite!!! 


CadChica Sports

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