Spanning the Twitterverse: Ranting Away

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Today is going to be a bit different. In fact, you might call this a bit of a rant post. Oh wait, I guess I did call it that didn’t I. 

(Hold on boys and girls, there might be an explosion)

I first started hearing about this story on Monday. Gisele Bündchen (Mrs. Tom Brady) was caught on camera dissing the receivers from the New England Patriots for the catches they dropped during the Super Bowl. Personally, I thought it was a non-story, so I left it alone.

However, media continued to make it a story throughout the day on Monday.

If you read the story in the link, make of it what you will. I disagree with the gist of it, but whatever. As the saying goes, “everyone is entitled to their opinion”. Move on.

I wish it were that easy but here we are on Wednesday and the story just won’t die.

Good grief. Why is this news? Who cares what she said? The Giants won. The Patriots lost. Well over 100 million people watched the game, which was great, not outstanding but great. Was there a reason why players were asked about her comments? I suppose there was media because you got what you wanted; a reaction. And Brandon Jacobs fell for it. He opened his mouth and gave the media life to this story. 

As we move on to Thursday, can we let this story die please? Isn’t there something else to write about football-wise? 

Oh look, Peyton Manning!!!


But wait…..the rant doesn’t end there.

This rant continues but not at the media. No, this time, I’m talking to YOU America. “You” as in YOU. You as in who in the world really cares enough to answer a sports survey that asks the question, ‘what athlete do you dislike the most?’.

Maybe I’m in the minority opinion on this subject but it’s still worth ranting about. Why would anyone in their right mind “hate” or “dislike” an athlete so much? Can’t you (America) learn to forgive someone like Michael Vick? Is there a reason to “hate” or “dislike” LeBron James? And really, what did Kris Humphries ever do to you? Is Kim Kardashian your home-girl?

I know “you have a right to feel the way you do”. But seriously, why? Why keep hating? Haters gonna hate forever? Is your life so consumed with what an athlete or celebrity does, thinks or says (see Gisele rant above) that it will really affect your spending habits? Please!!!

Full disclosure, there are people who I don’t have any respect for but I don’t hate them. I disagree with things they say or do and leave it at that. A-Rod? Wasn’t happy when he left Seattle but baseball doesn’t rule my life. Plaxico Burress? As long as he doesn’t have a gun, we’re cool. Tiger Woods? Was never a fan but he made choices that affected HIS life, not mine. Let me repeat that……his choices didn’t affect my life.

In fact, none of the choices these athletes have made to generate whatever hate is out there, didn’t affect your life or mine. That doesn’t mean I agree with their choices. Yes, I understand the severity of what Michael Vick did to dogs. I have a dog. I love my dog. Yes, I would be outraged if he had done that to my dog. But the justice system did what it was supposed to do. He served his time. He is continually trying to turn his life around. So far, it seems as though he is making the right choices. Good for him.

Again, maybe this is a minority opinion but personally, I’d rather channel my energy into something a little more constructive.

Like laughing at this photo Greg Anthony tweeted of himself.


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