Spanning the Twitterverse: A Twitter Catch-Up

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

It’s been a crazy last few weeks for me. So much so that I have neglected my favorite post “Friday Fun Tweets”.  Friday Fun Tweets was my collection fun, amusing, interesting or “wth” tweets from the past week. Sadly, they’ve been absent from the blog since December. 

In order to try to catch up with a few, I present “A Twitter Catch-Up”.

(Boring title I know but hey…I’m behind the times.) 



Say Zamboni and what do you think of? This bad boy?

How’d you like to drive that for a living? Once in my life I would love to drive one; perhaps when nobody else is around. But, why did I include the Zamboni? This tweet from earlier today:



I am a fan of the Arizona Wildcats. I don’t try to hide it. I grew up on Arizona Wildcats basketball. So anytime I can throw in a tweet about them, I will. Even if it’s only about the ZonaZoo. Throw in jumping & giant heads & you have a winning tweet:



Poor Tim Tebow. Even when he’s not on the field, he’s getting blasted by defenses…or at least his new “fans” are:



One of the things you read on Twitter is silly fan accusing said media guy/gal of being a homer or hater. Said announcer or journalist is biased for or against a certain team and it comes out in their announcing or writing.

FOX Sports’ Joe Buck joined Twitter not too long ago. He had this to say last week:



If you never hear a word uttered about a long-snapper during a game, that’s a good thing. But when they’re on Twitter they are fair game for both critique and some “Twitter-love”. Today is definitely some Twitter love.


CadChica Sports

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