Spanning the Twitterverse: Oh Money May?

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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There once was a time I actually liked to watch boxing. Really, I did.

I used to watch ABC’s Wide World of Sports every Saturday. ABC Sports was my go-to for sports watching back in the day (gosh I feel old saying that). Pre-ESPN or CNN Sports days, you could watch “for free” the greatest boxers in the world fight each other: Ali, Frazier, Foreman. ABC used to ‘own’ the Olympics coverage and boxing was one of their key events to broadcast. It sounds weird I know. A little girl who enjoyed boxing, but hey….free sports is free sports. So watch it I did.

Along the way of growing up, however, the rise of boxing corruption and scandals, pushed me away. Far away.

And then along came Twitter:


And with that — I’m calling out Money May:

Floyd. Floyd. Floyd. First you say you want to fight him. Then you say you don’t……unless he meets your stipulations of course. Then you say you do. Then you don’t. Now, before you head to jail, YOU DO?

You’re worse than a kid in a candy store with $5 in his pocket and he has 5 minutes to pick just 1 candy to buy.

Oh wait! That $5 analogy doesn’t mean much to you does it Floyd?

But I guess you have to make that money now before jail smacks your backside right?

Well maybe all of your tweet-talk today was just bluster to cover up what’s really going on behind the scenes:

Is there another match brewing Floyd? Is that why you took to Twitter and ESPN today to “call out” Manny today, the day after all of the Guerrero tweets? Will you actually fight Pacquiao on May 5th?

So what’s it gonna be Floyd? Pacquiao as “you” tweet? Or, is it actually Guerrero like the tweets say from yesterday? Tweet me your answer would you please? @CadChicaThanks.



Sigh! I’m sure Money May will never read this post. Nor will he tweet me his answer. But, maybe Twitter will become boxing’s mouthpiece like the bravado I used to hear during Wide World of Sports’ days. One can only hope. Maybe it will help revitalize it if more boxers start trash-talking on Twitter. It can’t hurt.

Let’s see what the Twitterverse had to say about Floyd’s tweets from today:



One last thought. Since we’re talking about Twitter and Floyd’s tweets, why didn’t he take this tweep’s advice if he really wanted to fight Pacquiao? 

You can find Manny on Twitter: @MannyPacquiao


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