Spanning the Twitterverse: NFL Twitter “Fight”

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

After a dismal game by the Atlanta Falcons against the New York Giants (24-2 loss), a blowout win by the Michigan Wolverines over the Wisconsin Badgers in basketball (59-41) and me missing the Manchester United-Manchester City game early this morning, this day was begging for some excitement. Stumbled upon this tweet:



Naturally I went searching and here’s what I found:

The above tweet was re-tweeted by Adam Schefter himself so we know that he was aware of what was going on:


Schefter continued: 

He then re-tweeted this from his cohort, Chris Mortensen:

Irsay, not to be outdone:

That last tweet from Irsay brought this reply from Schefter (Irsay’s tweet included below for context):

But the best line of the exchange below: “get your head in the game,son!


Amounted to nothing but a few tweet-exchanges as of this writing. But someone else who is known for breaking stories weighed in:

One thing I’ve come to learn about SportsbyBrooks: never completely discount what he tweets on a controversy.


One last tweet from Mr. Irsay to end it:

So what did “brentodento” say:


As of this posting, no further tweets from Adam Schefter.

One of the many reasons I love Twitter. Fans have access to controversies they have never had before….even if it did amount to nothing. Twitter is a fan’s best friend.


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