Spanning the Twitterverse: Erickson Era Ends

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Fear the Fork. Yeah, whatever!!! 

A season that started with such great promise, ended with a horrendous THUD tonight for the Arizona State University (ASU) football team. As I begin this post, they were being blasted by Boise State 49-10. Who knows what it will be when I actually publish this. UGH-LY!!

I grew up an ASU fan. Family still goes to games. Since John Cooper abandoned the program for the greener pastures of Ohio State (yes I’m still “bitter”), the program, to me, has gone downhill. I went to the 1987 Rose Bowl when they beat Michigan. That was a great time to be a fan. Sure they made another Rose Bowl but, it wasn’t the same ASU I grew up loving and supporting. Something changed. Living here in the Northwest, I saw and heard firsthand the anger, outrage, frustration and disbelief after Erickson left Idaho. Needless to say I wasn’t happy. 

One shouldn’t be surprised really by this showing tonight then. After all, this is what a Dennis Erickson coached team has become known for; undisciplined. Also, failing to meet preseason expectations not just this year but previous years as well. Starting fast, ending slow. All this after he left his Idaho head coaching job after 10 months on the job. 10 MONTHS!! If you believe in karma, well……

Is he a likely Hall of Fame coach? Probably. He’s a championship winning coach. Great football mind. But, that does not prevent him from being judged at what is, most likely, his last stop. Frankly, I think his time has passed. Time for him to retire. I think most of the Twitterverse agrees: 




To sum up this god-awful night for Coach Erickson, I give you this (click on the link):


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