Spanning the Twitterverse: $4.15 Mil/3 Years Isn’t Enough?

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So you want to be a professional athlete?

What are the odds of that happening? According to a 2010 NCAA report I found on 

In men’s basketball, for example, there is only a .03% chance of a pro career. This means that of the almost 156,000 male, high school senior basketball players only 44 will be drafted to play in the NBA after college, and only 32 women (.02%) out of just over 127,000 female, high school senior players will eventually be drafted. In football the odds are slightly better, with .08% or 250 of just over 317,000 high school senior players being drafted.
The sport with the most professional opportunities is baseball, with high school players having a .4% chance of playing professionally. Though still far less than 1%, the number of opportunities within baseball’s professional development system helps to increase this percentage. Baseball drafts about 600 NCAA athletes from the 6700 college seniors each year, a number that is far higher than any other professional sport and which represents a need to feed its large farm system.

Given those odds, it makes you wonder how athletes who get paid to play a sport ever get in trouble with the law right? It makes me wonder. In fact, I’m wondering so much right now that I’m speechless after this tweet from this morning:

You can read more on the story here. In an undercover operation, Hurd said he needed 5-10 “kilos” of cocaine…..AND 1000 lbs of marijuana. Per week. “Allegedly” his intention was to distribute (sell). Just stop and think about that for a minute. 5-10 kilos + 1000 pounds. Stunning.

Hurd’s contract with the Chicago Bears is for $4.15 million over 3 years. From the stats above, he was in that .08% that made it to the NFL. And yet, he “allegedly” threw it all away for “more money”? I don’t get it. And some in the Twitterverse share that sentiment:




Of course there had to be a tweet of the day. It comes from a “fake” Twitter account. Despite the situation at hand, it was a pretty funny tweet.


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