Spanning the Twitterverse: The Tinseltown Clipper

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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There were two BIG breaking sports news items today. One of which, as a former Arizona resident, I am not prepared to comment on at this time. I sound like a political PR person don’t I? The big news of the day happened in the NBA. Gasp! Yes, believe it or not it actually happened and yes, I am blogging about it.  

No, I am not an NBA fan but as a Twitter sports reporter, I make it my business to follow nearly all things in sports. Today, Chris Paul was traded to the Los Angeles……….Clippers. Clippers??? Not the Lakers, but the Clippers. It was only last week that Twitter had been abuzz with Paul being traded to the Lakers. But that deal was nixed by the NBA owners, who happen to own the New Orleans Hornets franchise. Got it? Good, because I don’t. 

So what does this all mean? It means more pre-season talk by NBA talking heads and fans. It means more buzz to make people forget that there was a lockout not so long ago. It also means that, well, frankly it doesn’t matter what else it means to me. Oh wait! There is one more thing: 

There is still no NBA franchise in Seattle.

What did the Twitterverse have to say about the trade? We’ll start you off with the tweet that broke the story: 





The Clippers. I think Bomani Jones speaks for most of us with his tweet:


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