Spanning the Twitterverse: RIP Chester McGlockton

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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The worst part about reading tweets from the day is reading about someone who has died. It’s not just a loss of someone in the sports world, but that person is someone’s parent, spouse, sibling or just a very dear friend. If you are like me, reading about someone’s death brings me pause. Sports don’t matter at that moment. Nothing else matters. A life was lost.

There is a good part, however, to reading these tweets. You get to know a little bit more of the type of person they were. Such was the case with the untimely death of former NFL player, Chester McGlockton. He died today at the age of 42. So young. He was passing along his football knowledge as an assistant with the Stanford football team.

I remember him playing for “my” Raiders. There were times you would watch him and just say “Man, what a move!” Sure he moved on to play with the rival Chiefs but to me, he’s still a Raider.

We take a look at what the Twitterverse had to say below. Included are tweets from across the spectrum, including media, agents, players, and one special section to help everyone know more about Chester McGlockton. RIP. [If you see a link in a tweet, click it]



Current and former players weigh in with their condolences as well.


Sports Illustrated pulled a great picture of him from their ‘vault’. [Click on the link in the tweet.]


I could think of no better way to convey what kind of man Chester McGlockton was than to include the tweets from today for his former teammate, Tim Brown.

Prayers & condolences for the McGlockton family.


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