Spanning the Twitterverse: I Won’t Miss the NBA

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
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It took only one tweet:

Barring a sports-type miracle, the NBA season of 2012, is in jeopardy. The Yahoo! Sports story can be found here.

Does that bother me? Am I “upset” about it? Will I “worry” that there will be no basketball to watch this year? Hardly. I ceased being an NBA fan long ago. I’m not sure when that was or why it happened, but it did.

I grew up a Phoenix Suns fan. Our house was just down the road from Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which was known as “The Madhouse on McDowell”. We would go when we could or even better, we would listen to legendary Al McCoy calling the games on radio. From Connie Hawkins to Dick Van Arsdale to Walter Davis, with Jerry Colangelo leading them, the Suns were “my” team. They were the only game in town back then.

Something happened though that caused me to drift away from the “Purple Gang From Phoenix”. I can’t quite put my finger on it. As I was NEVER a Jordan fan, maybe the rise of his popularity soured me on where the sport was headed. I saw the sport becoming about personalities instead of just the sport. I liked my TEAM. I didn’t want it to become about an individual. Hindsight, I suppose I could have, maybe, been wrong because the NBA soared in popularity with Jordan as its star (no I wasn’t a fan). I grew more and more distant from it.

My feelings never changed. I tried to pay attention to the Suns. It proved to be a fruitless venture after I moved to the Pacific Northwest. With no championships, surrounded by Sonics fans and the promotion of individuals left me wanting. It was only reinforced within the last few years with the NBA’s handling of the Seattle SuperSonics franchise. All you ever wanted to know is shown in the Sonicsgate movie at THAT is your NBA folks.

Today’s news was news. In this day of social media, it lasted a few hours until the next big story broke. But, it will be part of the conversation from here on out. The NBA and the group formerly known as the Players Association will meet IN the court instead of ON it. Ho hum. Wake me when they’re done.

On second thought, don’t.

Here is the Twitterverse reaction today, including a couple of player tweets:



We have a couple of NBA players chiming in too…sort of:


If basketball is your thing, fan that I am, these tweets have it right with college basketball. Get your fix starting tonight and all day tomorrow with ESPN’s Hoops Marathon.



For the Sonics fans:


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