Spanning the Twitterverse: LaRussa Retires

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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Celebrity divorce is such a messy issue. One or both parties cite irreconcilable differences and their “joyous union” ends. Nevermind the fact that “we” (you, not me) followed their every move leading up to the union to begin with. And so with great public fanfare of course, surely to milk more $$$ from media outlets, it is announced that the union is no longer. Just like today on Twitter:

((You thought this was going to be about that other non-sports news divorce news today didn’t you. Give me some credit here…..I’m not that kind of girl.))

Okay so it’s not really a divorce but it is a parting of the ways, albeit through retirement. Fresh off his second championship with the St. Louis Cardinals (he had a third with the Oakland A’s in 1989), Tony LaRussa decided to call it a career as a manager. His reason:

As you might expect, that was all the news today until that real celebrity divorce that shall remain nameless was announced on Twitter. There was some shock, surprise, not-surprise, and of course humor at the news “TLR” was retiring. It was announced earlier today that the Cardinals were going to have a press conference but no details were given. From my perspective, to hear that the press conference was to announce he was retiring was a surprise.

“TLR” was a different kind of guy for me. Way back when in 1989 when he was managing my “then” favorite team, the Oakland A’s, I thought he was the greatest. Of course I did, he was managing “my team”. Rickey Henderson, Bash Brothers all playing in the town where I was born. You better believe he was a TLR gal.

Now that I’ve sufficiently made myself sick, when he left, I was not a happy camper. I was glad the A’s won in 1989. I had just moved to Washington that year so their winning did provide some semblance of normalcy for me. But I began to follow another team in my new home (Seattle Mariners), and the A’s, well they became the A’s. Times change. But, TLR keeps winning. The A’s and Mariners, however, do not.

Before I make myself any more ‘depressed’, let’s see what the Twitterverse had to say about TLR retiring:


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