Spanning the Twitterverse: Friday Fun Tweets

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts



Every weekend on Twitter, there are a countless number of NFL players who are talking trash on college football Saturdays. They love their schools and aren’t afraid to show it. John Skelton, backup QB for the Arizona Cardinals, doesn’t seem like one for trash talking. Maybe he does and I don’t know it. However, he does seem fairly intelligent after reading this tweet.



Thankfully we are nearing the end of the baseball season. Never let it be said though that there aren’t “good tweets” in baseball. If you can drop Port-A-Potty’s or an A-Rod slam in your baseball-centered tweet, that’s okay by me.



I do enjoy good, hard-fought football. Defensive struggles can be very entertaining games to watch. Hanging around with family or friends at home or at the bar, feeling every hit with an “Ooo!” or a “Did you see that?”, can be very satisfying to the ‘sports-soul’.

But then there are games that torture that ‘sports-soul’ with offensive ineptitude. Such was the case this past football weekend. Browns-Seahawks on Sunday (Browns win 6-3) and Ravens-Jaguars on Monday (Jags win 12-7). It was downright ugly.


To prove the point even further, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed a pass to…..Joe Flacco?



I’ll admit it. I “sometimes” have an Arizona bias. But the Phoenix Suns’ Greg Esposito won Tweet of the Week “without” bias for this:


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