If A Woman Loves Sports…..

….does she have to be a fan of women’s sports?

….does she really have to listen to you analyze every play? Is it okay to just “watch” the game?

….should she play dumb when you try to explain the Box-And-1?

….can she roll her eyes when you start talking about uniform color combos for Oregon?

….is it okay if she yells at the Pac-12 refs for not throwing a flag on that OBVIOUS pass interference?

….should she pretend she doesn’t know more sports than you in front of your friends?

….can she give YOU Mr. Sports Fanatic “the look” when you watch “Dancing With the Stars”?

….is it okay if she doesn’t make a honey-do list because she’s watching football?

….isn’t it your turn to change the poopy diaper if her team is down to their last shot with 10 seconds left?

….can she tell her friends that you’re sick & can’t go out so she can watch college football on Saturday night?

….will you forgive her if she isn’t worried about what you will eat for lunch Sunday morning in October?

….is she a bad person if she turns on the tv to watch baseball, mutes the sound and listens on radio?

….will you still love her if she goes to bed early on Friday night so she can watch EPL early Saturday morning?

….do you think she should be working during the first two days of March Madness?

….can she steal your Aaron Rodgers jersey and never give it back because it looks better on her than you?

….why does she have to cook dinner on Monday Nights after work?


….will you STOP discounting her sports opinion just because she’s a woman???????

CadChica Sports

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