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There is an oddity in the sports Twitterverse that often befuddles me. Whether the name is LeBron James, ESPN, or Tim Tebow, the middle ground is on the endangered list in the Twitterverse. It’s not as if there isn’t some merit to those topics. They are controversial, to be sure, but they stir up great emotions and opinions on both sides of the “aisle”. It’s almost political in a way. Take today for instance.

Tim Tebow was the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos in their game against the Miami Dolphins. Important to note that he was the third string quarterback going into the season. Yes, THIRD STRING. By all accounts, today was an ugly game between two very bad teams. That’s what you should expect from two teams that have a combined record of 1-9 going into today’s game (Denver had the 1 win). Thankfully, I didn’t watch what transpired…..that is until it got toward the end of the game.

Broncos trailed 15-0 going into the 4th quarter. Depending on who you ask, it was either, ‘Miami proved how terrible they really are’ or ‘Tebow just wins games’. I’m being kind because the name Tim Tebow, when it comes to NFL football, has been known to push some in the media over the edge. Most football ‘experts’ do not believe he is an NFL caliber starting quarterback. His quarterback mechanics from footwork to throwing motion, and maybe even, field vision, do not translate into what has made for a “successful” NFL quarterback. According to the experts, it is too late to change once you get to the NFL.

But, this is Tim Tebow. National media darling while at Florida, college football “legend”, white, handsome, Christian young man, his face was everywhere while at Florida. As a result, many media and fans are very weary of the ‘overexposure’ he received in college, and now at the NFL level too; exposure not normally given to a guy who was once third string. You cannot separate that fact out, nor can you separate that he’s a Christian. They’re part of the Tebow story. And they are part of the discourse.

Why? Ask seven different people you may get seven different answers or they may all be the same. I don’t think there is one definitive answer. it is everything I stated above: Christianity, not an NFL quarterback and the beating of the overexposure drum has transferred from college to the NFL. From what I’ve read, most say he is a great person. It’s all the other stuff that drives them nuts. Point made. Personally, I’m part of that ‘endangered species list’ of the middle ground. Given the venom that comes from both sides of the aisle, the middle ground is a much happier place but still leaves me befuddled.

The game. Down 15-0 going into the fourth quarter, after an ugly game on his part, Tebow led the Broncos back from the abyss and into a tie 15-15 at the end of regulation. And just when media and fans were finished typing their “WTF” tweets, the Broncos are in position to kick a game-winning field goal in overtime and guess what happened? Let’s see if you can figure it out with the Twitterverse reaction:



Tis a small sampling it’s true. I think the below tweet sums up the Twitterverse today best. Thank you Mr. Deitsch.


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