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I can’t say that I was completely surprised. Most people could see it coming. Your football team, granted it was facing a brutal schedule, starts the season off 1-5 in a BCS conference. In a BCS conference, that does not bode well for job security. And so it was that the University of Arizona relieved head football coach Mike Stoops of his duties last night.

This wasn’t a huge story on a national scale because, well, it just isn’t. I’m fairly certain that folks in Kentucky do not care about what goes on in Tucson unless of course we’re discussing basketball. Arizona, and of course Kentucky, are basketball schools. Arizona is trying to put more emphasis on football with stadium renovations, but it is still a basketball school.

Since I am a fan of sports in Arizona (I was raised there), I couldn’t NOT do a quick post on this. Here is what the Arizona Twitterverse (except for 1) had to say about Stoops’ firing:



My two cents: Mike Stoops brought the program out of a pit and into relevance. It’s hard to say who will be hired next. Athletic Director will do his due diligence to hire the right guy. Who will it be? Nobody knows. Some speculate that former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach should be at the top of the list. I don’t know if that’s the direction they will take but “in my opinion” that would be the biggest name out there who “might” actually go there to coach. I say might because I don’t think any big name will go to Tucson to play second-fiddle at a basketball school. Make no mistake, Arizona is a basketball school.

Will Greg Byrne hire someone in season? I doubt it. If one of the reasons he gave for the firing was so the players could focus and have fun playing football this season, then hiring a coach would prohibit that fun. It could be a job for someone looking for their first BCS level coaching job. Or someone looking to get back to coaching at a BCS school. 

Either way, that coach will have their work cut out for them in the Pac-12. Recruiting not only against the rest of the Pac-12 but the “basketball school” mentality is a tough challenge for anyone. Thankfully, as a tweet said earlier, Mike Stoops is leaving a much more solid foundation than what he started with.

Bear Down!

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