Spanning the Twitterverse: #3ATTLE #3PEAT

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts


Just a quick post of congratulations to the Seattle Sounders. They completed their three-peat of the US Open Cup Championship by defeating the Chicago Fire 2-0 tonight. As a fan, albeit a far away one, I was ecstatic.

Here is a small sampling of what the Twitterverse had to say about #3ATTLE’S VICTORY. #3PEAT!:


Before we proceed, however, the following TIFO in the link below was EPIC. Well done EFC:


And now the Twitterverse reaction:!/Wynalda11/status/121436582766063616


It seems like it couldn’t be a Seattle victory without a give-a-way right?

But our second winner…well, you either have to live in the Northwest or have a bitter rival to understand why this was Tweet of the Night:


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