Spanning the Twitterverse: ManU Basel-ed

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Last Friday was the first day of Fall. “Breaking News” I know. And while Fall means NFL and college football for many here in America, it is football of another sort that was of keen interest to me today.

The Champions League is going on in Europe right now. Pitting top club teams from various leagues in Europe, it is probably the most prestigious of all soccer tournaments in the world. Ratings for the championship final rival that of the Super Bowl.

Today, was another day of group stage play. While the “other” Manchester team (City) had their own drama, Manchester United, one of, if not the most popular clubs in the world, had quite the drama unfold while playing a team from Switzerland today, FC Basel. Now I love soccer/futbol, but not enough to where I knew who FC Basel was. Terrible (no, not really), but true. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this team I had never heard of was tied, no, wait, LEADING the mighty MANCHESTER UNITED.

Far be it from me to tell you it all transpired. I’ll let the media’s tweets tell you:


MEDIA TWEETS!/christophclarey/status/118781281000636416



Soccer fans, including Manchester United fans, had quite a bit to say about the result. Some were tame while others were Not Sufficient For Women or Children (they weren’t pretty). The Voice of the Fan:!/MUFC19_NAT/status/118800986801311744!/FootballCharlie/status/118801852824436736



At first glance, I was only going to have Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl be the tweet of the night. Then, Manchester United’s Michael Owen tweeted.  If anyone ever doubted that teams can “sometimes” overlook a team, Michael Owen’s tweet confirms it, in my opinion.


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