Spanning the Twitterverse: Tom Kowalski

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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The only two certainties in life are death and taxes.” ~ Mark Twain

As the saying goes, death is a certainty. We all know it is going to happen but we choose not to think about it. Many are faced with it every day due to famine, war, disease, etc. But there are also times when it is unexpected. It catches us off guard. Our hearts feel as if they’ve been ripped out of our bodies and returned to us twisted, shredded, bleeding from the raw emotion of losing someone we knew or loved. And so it was today in the Twitterverse, but this time it hit the sports media world.

One of their own, Detroit sportswriter Tom Kowalski, passed away at age 51 today. The first tweet I saw on it was this:


In all honesty, I do not recall his name. However, I got a better idea of the man Tom Kowalski was through Twitter. In the age of social media, Twitter has a way of showing you what kind of person someone was, in a way not accessible before, even in death. It’s happened with Oklahoma football’s Austin Box and former Michigan basketball player, Robert Traylor. And today,I got to know Tom Kowalski.

The tweets from media, players and fans alike were filled with shock, yet all echoing the same sentiment: Tom Kowalski was one of the good ones.

Normally, I’d select a few tweets and give my thoughts on them but this time, I’ll let the tweets speak for themselves. There are many to read I know, but in honor of a man who touched many in the sports world, I think it’s only fitting. Please read through them all and you’ll understand the kind of man Tom Kowalski was too. May God comfort his family and friends in this time of loss.!/supprtbradyhoke/status/108215081451532288!/WesBunting/status/108223410945011713

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