Spanning the Twitterverse: Best Mariners Tweet Ever

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Every once in a while, I will post something related to the Seattle teams. I don’t live in Seattle itself but when you live in the Pacific Northwest, you get inundated with SEATTLE SPORTS whether you like it or not. (Just kidding Pac NW sports fans.) When I moved up here many years ago from Arizona, it took me some time to get used to it.

In that time, I’ve come to support them, for the most part. Raiders will always be first and foremost MY team for NFL. Since Seattle moved to the NFC in football, it’s easier now to cheer for the Seahawks. The Sonics are gone so no conflict there; yes I’ll cheer for the Phoenix Suns in basketball, with indifference. Growing up, there was no MLBaseball team in Phoenix so I cheered for the A’s. But when I saw Ken Griffey Jr on the Seattle Mariners…..I was hooked. And yes, sports fans, I do love the SEATTLE SOUNDERS.   

I’ve done some individual Seattle team posts and even a combination thereof. But today is one of those days where it’s just about one team again. It hasn’t been a day of losing this time. It was a day of sweeping, as in the Mariners swept the A’s. That nasty losing streak seems so long ago. And with today’s sweep, I thought I’d devote this post to a few humorous, interesting, make you smile tweets about the Seattle Mariners.


Over the weekend, the baseball trade deadline took place. The Seattle Mariners, still reeling from that ugly losing streak, made some moves. One, which delighted most Mariners (M’s) fans, involved Erik Bedard being traded to the Red Sox. For the non-Mariners fan, simply put, Bedard was a pitcher the M’s traded for to be “the guy”; to be the #1 pitcher. And he never panned out. It was an injury-filled tenure of disappointment for fans.

After the trade, the Seattle Times’ Danny O’Neil tweeted this:


Last night, August 2nd, was one of the craziest plays you will see from a baserunner. In the tweet below is a link to how Mariners shortstop Brendan Ryan made the A’s look well, for lack of a better term, stupid. Click on the link to see what I mean. (I really wish it would’ve been an infield triple, but alas, it wasn’t.)



The sweep. No longer were the Mariners getting swept, they were doing the sweeping today. And to show there is still a positive outlook in this baseball season, I nominate these for Tweets of the Day for Mariners fans:


That one was good but it could not quite top this one. Best Mariners tweet ever!  DREAM Mariners fans. DREAM!!!!


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