Spanning the Twitterverse: Tiger’s New Divorce

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
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We begin our tale today with a video from Neil Sedaka.

I wonder if that song popped into Stevie Williams’ mind when Tiger Woods told his caddie good-bye. Tiger, being Tiger, posted this note on his website. However, the news broke much earlier today when The Golf Channel’s Jason Sobel tweeted this:

Immediately, my first thought was this was a divorce. Irreconcilable differences. The two parties could no longer be together on the golf course. They grew apart. Tiger filed for divorce. A rather ironic take I know given the issues of Tiger’s personal life. But it’s kind of parallel too, only this time it’s on the other foot.

While Tiger recovers “at home” from injury, Williams asks for and receives permission from Woods to caddie for Australian golfer Adam Scott. It was only a to be a temporary assignment, caddying for Scott while at the US Open last month until Tiger was well enough to return to golf. Possible miscommunication in the relationship, but Williams continued to work for Scott beyond the US Open. Whether the rumors are true or not, word is Tiger was none too happy that Williams was continuing this effort and fired Williams.

CODE: Tiger didn’t like Williams going out with someone else. Williams wouldn’t end the relationship like Tiger wanted. The relationship was severed beyond repair. Tiger filed for divorce.

Sound familiar? Even remotely like his personal life?

I think so. Will they both be “better off” this way? Who knows. Williams may be better off emotionally since he doesn’t have to carry around Tiger’s “bag”-gage anymore. No more yelling at photographers or fans. No more being the bad guy on the course making sure Tiger can play in peace and quiet. No more covering for any off the course issues. He can have a life again. A lot less of a financial life sure but maybe, just maybe a little happier. I don’t know the man. He could be a real jerk for all I know. No I don’t feel sorry for him. But I hope the best for him.

As for Tiger, let me be up front and say I do not care for him. Never cared much for him, but then again I can’t stand golf. But, I do hope he is making the right choice. It’s never good to see someone fall like he has, even if you don’t like them. He’s lost quite a bit in his life, through his own poor choices. To see yet another “divorce” in his life is sad.

To quote Tiger’s note from his website: “I wish him great success in the future.”



Keeping with the Tiger theme, I’m assuming the Golf Channel had plenty to say about this latest Tiger venture judging by this tweet below:

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