Spanning the Twitterverse: About Tiger’s Agent

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets
The thrill of the retweet and the agony of the unfollow
The human drama of the twitter timeline
This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

Supposedly, there was supposed to be some announcement from Tiger Woods yesterday. A press conference was supposed to be held. And then, well, Tiger being Tiger……basically the media got it wrong and there would be no such thing. The only news out of Tiger camp was the landing-place for his agent, who left longtime employer IMG Golf in May of this year.

But there was Tiger news on the Twitter front. His agent found a new home. This was broken by Liz Mullen:

And later on within the hour, Darren Rovell posts the same information. Although you cannot tell here, it was at least a good 10+ minutes after Liz Mullen’s tweet. Not exactly breaking news in the Twitterverse……

…which prompted an immediate response from Bryan Fischer.

And Liz Mullen re-tweeted this confirming that “she” broke the news.

This little scenario just struck me as odd; one of those things that piques your curiosity. Nothing more than that. Just interesting. Hard to tell what’s breaking news anymore on Twitter. Just the world we live in now with social media.

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