Spanning the Twitterverse: Checking In….

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets…the thrill of the retweet…and the agony of the unfollow…the human drama of the twitter timeline..This is             CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts

Now that I’m back from vacation, now seems as good a time as any to look at some follower updates from March. March as you know, is Madness time, so we take a look back at some follower counts from the tournament.

Two of the “golden” boys from the tournament, whose teams made deep runs, one to the championship of course, Shaka Smart and Brad Stevens, with their updates from back in March/April to today:

Shaka Smart @coachsmartvcu :  4,282 followers then/9,482 followers now

Brad Stevens @BUCoachStevens : 9,851 followers then/14,564 followers now

Here are some others that we checked on during the Madness with their numbers then and now:

Jim Calhoun @CoachCalhoun : 230 followers then/459 followers now

John Calipari @UKCoachCalipari : 1,133,087 followers then/1,144,890 now

 Lon Kruger @LonKruger : 2900 followers then/4,985 now

Josh Pastner @JoshPastner : 2,673 followers then/4,554 followers now

Tubby Smith @CoachTubbySmith : 7,248 followers then/7,678 followers now

@MasonCoachL: This was the account for Jim Larranaga, when he was coach at George Mason. Since then he took the University of Miami job and is now known as @CanesCoachL. As George Mason coach, he started with 2,673 followers. Today, as Canes coach he has 4,554 followers.

Oh how I love Tennessee fans:

Bruce Pearl @CoachBrucePearl  : 21,656 followers then/20,377 followers now

As you can see, Tennessee fans got smart and quit following Bruce Pearl. But then I decided to recheck Coach Cuonzo Martin’s two Twitter accounts. He has one for his Tennessee gig and a still-open account under his old job with Missouri State. And again, his Missouri State account has more followers than he started with. I thought Tennessee fans could read and understand the difference between Missouri State and Tennessee but maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

Missouri State account: @CuonzoLMartin 1,713 followers in the beginning/1,889 followers now

Tennessee account: @CuonzoMartin 3,596 followers in the beginning/6,732 followers now

So he gained 176 followers under the Missouri State account as well as 3,136 on the Tennessee account. Meanwhile, Bruce Pearl lost 1,279 followers. I wonder if those 1,279 joined the Missouri State or Tennessee account. What do you think?


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