Spanning the Twitterverse: Friday Fun Tweets

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets….the thrill of the retweet….and the agony of the unfollow.…the human drama of the twitter timeline….This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts


This was from yesterday but I couldn’t post it then. Friday Fun Tweets is a good time to do so:

—The dreaded no-hitter jinx — spread to the Little Leagues; no updates if it worked or not as of this posting. Scary to think what could happen to Larry Stone’s timeline if it worked since he RT’d this. .

—YES. The Mariners lost another one on a walk-off okay! Satisfied? Art Thiel isn’t satisfied but he is funny:

—Tooting my own horn on this next one. I saw this tweet earlier today.

With the Sounders-Timbers game (Derby) taking place tomorrow, my first thought when I saw the above tweet….well….let’s just say I had soccer on the brain:

At least KHQ liked it. I got an RT.


You know, you just never know the things you will see on Twitter. I mean, things you’d never expect someone to say (tweet), will come across your timeline and it will make you say HMMMM. This was one of those:

Here’s hoping for the best for him. I pray those words are true now and always.

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