Spanning the Twitterverse: Monday Style

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets…the thrill of the retweet…and the agony of the unfollow…the human drama of the twitter timeline..This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts


A few days ago, George Mason men’s basketball coach, Jim Larranaga left to become the head coach at the University of Miami. If you remember, Coach Larranaga was one of the coaches I checked on during the tournament to see how many followers he had. Back then, his follower count was at 2673. Since news of his leaving George Mason broke a few days ago, naturally, I checked on Friday to see where he stood. Here we go:

@MasonCoachL: 2790 followers (Friday morning)/ 2824 followers (Monday evening)

Considering where he was at during the tournament, I suppose it’s a decent amount. He does not have any other account so given that the account name is “MasonCoachL” and he’s no longer at George Mason, maybe the Miami basketball fans actually have a clue and won’t follow him like the Tennessee fans did with new coach Cuonzo Martin (see FOLLOWER UPDATE here).


A couple of interesting tweets from Darren Rovell today regarding Twitter influence amongst sports figures.

I think I follow every one of them OR they’re at least on one of my lists. However, I don’t think Darron Gibson of Manchester United will make that list any time soon.


Yes, I am American and yes I love soccer. If you’ve read “About” me, that is one of my sports. Some of you may have read about Seattle Sounders’ talented midfielder Steve Zakuani this weekend. On Friday’s game (which I did post about on Friday), was injured during a game against the Colorado Rapids, breaking his tibia and fibula on a horrible tackle from Brian Mullan. As I am prone to do anymore, after recovering from watching the video of course (yes, you do hear the bones breaking), I checked his follower update. Comparing it to tonight, it is as follows:

@stevezakuani11: 3349 followers (Friday night) / 4507 followers (Monday night)

Nice to see soccer fans showing their support. Get Well Soon!!!!


The gauntlet was thrown down.

The challenge was accepted:

And the countdown begins. Early on, it looked as if Juan Agudelo was going to run away with it. But, Teal Bunbury has made a stong push tonight. Should be fun to keep an eye on this week. Here is where we are at (PST):

@TealBunB: 5129 followers @ 12:30 / 6971 followers as of 6:28pm

@juanagudelo17: 5184 @ 12:30 / 6739 followers as of 6:30pm

Let the game begin!


Ahh, those lovable Mariners. What more can you say about this season:

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