Wide World of Tworts

“Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport… the thrill of victory… and the agony of defeat… the human drama of athletic competition… This is ABC’s Wide World of Sports!”

Jim McKay. One of the great sports broadcasters of my lifetime. I can still hear his voice saying those words every Saturday. In trying to come up with a title for this post, I immediately thought of those words from Wide World of Sports. I’ve got quite a variety of tweets to cover today “spanning” many different sports so what better way to open this post up than:

Spanning the Twitterverse to bring you the constant variety of tweets…the thrill of the retweet…and the agony of the unfollow…the human drama of the twitter timeline..This is CadChica’s Wide World of Tworts


Benny Feilhaber, U.S. Men’s National Team Player, is coming to the MLS. I’m still not quite sure how it all works but something about an “allocation draft” with Chivas USA having first dibs on him. As in any sport, the speculation amongst media and fans was, well, just speculation. Although the funniest tweet in the early statges was given by Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl:

I thought it was funny. But, later in the day, no such luck. For Benny it’s good but not so much for me hoping for more of a story/controversy:

Follower Update:

For some reason, I came across something about Cuonzo Martin, Tennessee men’s basketball coach, recently. So naturally, I had to check up on our old Twitter friend and his follower update. But, I didn’t want to check his Tennessee account. You know me, I had to check his Missouri State account. As tweeted before, when I first checked, his Missouri State follower count was 1,713. As of today, it is a whopping 1,904. One look at the list of followers, shows a “few” (more than a few actually, Tennessee folk. Now I’m not one to embarrass anyone, especially not the fine folks of Tennessee. HOWEVER, I can only say: WAKE UP VOLUNTEER FANS!!!!!!!

And for those that care, Rory McIlroy’s follower count is now at 250,653. After the first round he was at 178,353. He handled himself well after The Masters, given his final round collapse. As he continues to grow and learn as a golfer, I’m sure that his follower count will continue to grow as well as legions of fans around the world.

Update for Yesterday:

Yesterday, I posted about a new website I came across about the “business of college sports“. I don’t know how she discovered I blogged about her but she gave a nice shout-out to the blog here:

I’m sure I didn’t have much to do with it but it’s great to see the response she has received:

Tweet of the Night:

CadChica Sports

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