Not Baseball Again?


We had a Cuonzo Martin sighting today on Twitter. Two new tweets today from the Tennessee coach. He is now at 4422 followers. And in case anyone cares, Rory McIlroy is up to 241,179. Wow!

Baseball? Eh?

If you’ve read my blog before, here is a question. Remember this tweet?

So, I was a little off. The Sox didn’t sweep. And they haven’t exactly set the world on fire since then. Currently, they’re sitting at the bottom of the AL East with their whopping 2 wins. 11 games into the season, it’s definitely not time to panic yet. Besides, the Boston Bruins start the NHL playoffs tonight right? What could go wrong?

Oh Canada! Granted the Bruins did not play well but goalie Carey Price for Montreal dominated this game. ESPN shows Barry Melrose “blaming” the Red Sox for the loss. How much lower can you go Boston? Wait, the Celtics begin their playoff push soon too. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

So, I’m not the Amazing Kreskin when it comes to Twitter predictions. What’s a gal to do when her favorite sport is over? College basketball is done. In no way, shape or form am I an NBA fan (don’t ask). Playoff hockey is great to watch but, living in a home without cable, et al, it’s not easy to watch.

Bostonians have their Sox and here in the Northwest, we have………wait for it………the Mariners. Oh those guys are just so much fun to watch. NOT! With Dave Niehaus having passed away this off-season, they’re not much worth listening to on the radio either. How bad is it?

The season is still young but there is one more thing the Mariners can hang their hat on. They have doubled the win total of the Boston Red Sox!!! Ahhhh. I will enjoy it while I can.

*Man this is going to be a long summer.*Cue the soccer channel?*

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