Basketball Can Wait

Occasionally, as a busy mom, there will be days like this. Up working at 5am; off work at 2:30 only to get dressed, go to the bank, pick up the youngest son, then the grandkids and drive another 20 minutes to go to a track meet. Stay at the track meet for about an hour and a half (grandkids don’t last that long), pick something up at the sister-in-law’s house, come home, cook dinner, play with the grandkids, read devotions with the youngest son and before you know it it’s 9:00pm. Whew!! I’m tired just typing all of that.

That being said, this is one of those days where I need to dip into my journaling and find a story to post here. Ideally, I’d like to post something sports-worthy Monday-Saturday. As you can see by the above, I didn’t have much time to dip into the sports (tworts) world today. I originally typed the story below in February 2010. Yes, it’s a year old but maybe it will touch a heart, or a nerve, of someone who reads it.

Basketball Can Wait

Owies come. Owies go. There are BIG owies (full blown, cover your ear cries). And there are little owies (sniff, sniff). Such is the life of living with children. Thursday, however, was slightly different.

Nice & comfy in my chair, in front of our computer, watching basketball is where I relaxed on Thursday night. I love college basketball. It is my favorite sport; far ahead of soccer/futbol, college football, NFL, MLB. Being a fan though is kind of tough when you don’t have cable or dish to watch your teams. Thankfully, our internet provider, in association with ESPN, offers ESPN 360. On ESPN 360, you can watch “almost” anything they air on their myriad of stations. I can watch sports all of the time; work & children permitting of course. So, that night, I was watching one of our local teams on ESPN 360.

James & Gage were playing games downstairs while Aaron watched basketball with me. I must admit that not only was I watching the game, I was following another game’s updates on Twitter (yes, I’m a Twitaddict). Multi-tasking is a prerequisite for a mom’s job I think and so I’ve become pretty good at it. Usually!!!

The game playing finished downstairs so Gage headed upstairs for  bath night. As I was focused on the basketball game(s), Gage got his bath ready (he’s old enough to do that himself). Again, FOCUS=BASKETBALL. And then Gage says: “Mom, my head hurts.”. Three-quarters focused on basketball still, I said: “Go ahead & get in your bath and I’m sure the warm water will help.”. Not my best motherly advice I know. But, Gage has been known “in the past” to dramatize a hangnail, so I know better than to follow his first action. Nevertheless, not my best motherly advice.

Basketball continued while Gage finished his bath. He got dressed in his pj’s in his room and then comes down the hallway to where I am. HUGE watery eyes looking at me, he says: “It still hurts Mom.”. Mama instincts kick in. I pulled him up onto my lap ’cause it’s time for Mama loves. Basketball takes a backseat & I take care of my baby. I held him. I loved him. Then we went and got some medicine for this really BIG owie. Afterward we went and lay down in his bed. I stroked his face and loved on him. I sang songs over him; songs of praise to God. Daddy came upstairs and we prayed over Him. I lay there a little while longer, thanking God for Gage’s healing (by His stripes, Gage is healed). Although he complained about feeling yucky in his tummy, he quickly fell asleep.

I missed most of the rest of the game. And that’s okay. When the “owies” come, basketball can wait.

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