No Masters Over Me

Hello. My name is CadChica (aka Sunny) and I hate golf.

There I said it. That is my first step to golf-haters anonymous right? Except I don’t want to recover. I want to continue in my distaste for a boring sport to watch. No, I’ve never played it. Don’t try to tell me that I’ll like it once I’ve played it. That is an incorrect statement. I don’t need to play in the NFL (quit laughing) to know that I like it. I just like it. I know what I like and I know what I don’t.

So, imaging my challenge in trying to write a sports and Twitter blog when the biggest even going on is The Masters, golf’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. Okay maybe that’s a stretch for football fans but you get me drift. Anyway, as a non-golf fan, following Twitter yesterday was pretty much a live play-by-play of “a tradition unlike any other”. Believe me, if the Mariners were even halfway decent, I would have isolated my list to just them but they’re not, so I was stuck with The Masters.

I know who won (Charl Schwarzel). I know who made a charge (Tiger Woods). I know the agony so many sports media types felt for the 3 round leader (Rory McIlroy). I got it. And although some of them just made me want to throw up over their Tiger-fawning, I tried to deal with it the best I could. Thankfully, there was a distraction for me: grandkids. So while many in the sports-media were going gaga over Tiger’s front 9, I made lunch and then cookies with my grandkids.

Now I know that’s not exactly sports-blogging material but hey, part of the “recovery process” is to getting rid of shortcomings right? My shortcoming is that I’m addicted to Twitter and sports. What better way to “overcome” my addiction than to not live and breathe both of them on a day that wasn’t meant for me. ((Yes, I’m joking there. In no way is that statement meant to offend or belittle anyone going through the alcohol recovery process.))

Since today is Monday, and I didn’t blog on Sunday (my personal day of “rest”), here are the Twitter follower updates; first number is from this morning with the second number as of a few minutes ago.

Rory McIlroy – @McIlroyRory = 219,362 / 228,886

Geoff Ogilvy – @geoffogilvy  = 38,034 / 38,438

Rickie Fowler – @RickieFowlerPGA = 104,392 / 105,205

Tiger Woods – @TigerWoods = 750,484 / 754,611

As you can see, Rory’s follower numbers grew quite a bit since this morning; over 9000. Tiger’s grew by 4000 with Rickie Fowler and Geoff Ogilvy picking up a few themselves. None of these men won. So, where is the winner you might ask??? Well, he’s NOT ON TWITTER. So, he gets the infamous DNT (does not tweet). Being The Masters winner and given how much Rory and Tiger grew followers without winning, can you imagine how many followers he would have gained yesterday and today? Who is his agent? Where is his marketing company? Missing an opportunity to grow his name, don’t you think?

Alas, my golf time is now done. Thank goodness. And I can resume normal Tworts reading like this one:

That’s Vince Grippi from The Spokesman-Review tweeting about the Washington State Cougars uniform unveiling “show”. What couch-potato athlete wouldn’t  agree with that one?

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