“Master” Twitter I Presume?

Golf. ICK.

The Masters. DOUBLE ICK.


Just so that there is no confusion here, I am not a golf fan. For me, golf is absolutely boring to watch. On the sports-excitement meter for me, it’s about a 1, right there with NASCAR. (Simmer down Nascar fans. I’m sure you don’t like sports that I like so let’s just call it even okay?) Now, where was I? Oh yes, with 10 being the best, golf ranks at about a 1. And with the tradition unlike any other or whatever else that stupid saying is, it’s Masters time.

So, with college basketball now over, what’s a sports gal to do if it’s mostly Masters on the radio, tv, internet, Twitter? How do I turn this lemon of a sport (tongue not planted in cheek because she’s got bitter-sport face), into lemonade? Twitter, of course.

How so? Well, as with the last sporting event, I’m going to try to track followers counts. This one, however, is not going to be as easy as it was with basketball. At least with basketball I knew ahead of time who would be actually playing. In golf, I think the follower count might be affected by the live-action results. What I mean is, I can start with say the top 7 places from today’s first round. I can check the follower count today but if they just crash in round 2, I don’t think their follower count is going to increase, let alone decrease; well, decrease maybe. On the other hand, someone could have had a bad first round but then they may have a great round 2 and their follower count could explode. But without knowing their follower count ahead of time, that’s pretty much a wasted effort.

However, I was able to find a nifty little website to help me along. It’s called Tweeting-Athletes. The site is a directory of athletes on Twitter ranging from NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Golf to MMA and many more. From what I’ve been able to tell, it’s pretty solid twitter-wise. In order to track the follower numbers, I have a list of what the site currently has tonight for follower numbers for PGA pros. I’ll compare them to what the site has tomorrow night, as well as doing my own list below, and we’ll see what we come up with. Not the most scientific way to do it but, it beats writing them all down by hand throughout the day tomorrow for comparisons. Wouldn’t make for a productive work day.


Beginning with the Top 7 after Round 1. NOTE: some golfers do not have Twitter accounts. What’s wrong with them, sheesh?

T1. Rory McIlroy – @McIlroyRory = 178,353

T1. Alvaro Quiros – DOES NOT TWEET (DNT)

T3. Y.E. Yang – @Y_E_Yang = 18,077


T5. Matt Kuchar – DOES NOT TWEET (DNT)

T5. Ricky Barnes – @RealRickyBarnes = 4,277

t7. Ross Fisher – DOES NOT TWEET (DNT)

T7. Brandt Snedeker – DOES NOT TWEET (DNT)

T7. Sergio Garcia – @TheSergioGarcia = 39,510

T7. Charl Schwartzel – DOES NOT TWEET (DNT)

T7. Trevor Immelman – @TrevorImmelman = 29,642

T7. Geoff Ogilvy – @geoffogilvey = 34,953

T7. Gary Woodland – @GaryWoodland = 4,815

Okay, so, there’s the list. We’ll see if these guys can stay in contention enough to warrant follower increase. Others of note or just ones that I just picked off the board to pay attention to since I don’t really know golf nor do I care to but I have to pick some others right…… (sorry, rambling moment there).

Phil Mickelson – Unable to find a verified account for him so he’s a DNT

Tiger Woods – @TigerWoods = 727,773

Ryo Ishikawa – @ishikawa_ryo = 5,727

Rickie Fowler – @RickieFowlerPGA = 98,295

 There you have it. Our Masters-style Twitter follower list. Without this, it’s just plain, old boring golf to me. Thank goodness for Twitter.

CadChica Sports

POST EDIT: In the time that I started typing my list until now, Y.E. Yang gained 3 followers while Rory McIlroy gained 35!!!!! It doesn’t take me that long to type this so he’s on a roll already.

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