Follower Update and Twitter Trash-Talking

There is no stopping this Twitter train. Last night, I thought I had checked the follower lists one last time. But, somewhere along the way I’ve become fascinated by them. And so, without further adieu:


 Shaka Smart: @coachsmartvcu  =  6754 last night / 6840 tonight

Brad Stevens: @BUCoachStevens  = 12,601 last night / 12,283 tonight

Jim Calhoun: @CoachCalhoun = 366 last night / 386 tonight

Missouri State account: @CuonzoLMartin 1851 last night / 1851 tonight

Tennessee account: @CuonzoMartin  4176 last night / 4207 tonight

Well done Rocky Top. No changes on the Missouri State account. Woo Hoo. Not sure if I typed the numbers wrong for Coach Stevens or not though. Hard to believe he “lost” followers so maybe last night’s number was 12, 061. We’ll keep an eye on it though to see if it’s a trend. Now that basketball is done, I’d expect a bit of a slow down. At least until we get closer to Midnight Madness.


The women’scollege basketball championship was tonight. Those two heavyweights UConn & Stanford met. Wait. The coronation of those teams would have to wait because they were beat in the semis on Sunday by Notre Dame and Texas A&M, respectively. And so we were left with two newbies. I know Notre Dame is not really a newbie but it seems the talk centered around UConn and Stanford as being destined to meet in the final for most of this year. Not that I’m a women’s basketball fan but if you listen to sports radio or read sports websites often enough, you’re more than likely to read about UConn and Stanford.

I didn’t watch the game tonight until the last few minutes. I followed along on Twitter, of course. Thankfully, it was a better game than what the men turned in last night. Texas A&M defeated Notre Dame 76-70. Naturally, after the fact, I went to Twitter and decided to check the status of one of the players, who shall remain nameless. From my search, I found tweets upon tweets upon tweets just denigrating this player. Most of them had nothing to do with her playing. .

The more I typed this, the more confused yet irritated I got about this subject. To prevent from having to “edit” myself, I will now stop this subject right now. But I will ask this one question. Why is it okay to talk about female athletes’ in non-sports terms if they don’t do anything but just play their sport????? I am in no way a champion of “all things women’s sports” but come on now. Is it really necessary? Really? I’m not a politically correct person but I do know when to grow up…every now & then.

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