Friday Fun Facts

April Fools Day.

This is one of the many days of the year I’m really glad I work from home. No worries about falling for an April Fools joke at work. Twitter on the other hand, you had to be careful about everything you read from what I hear.


Missouri State account: @CuonzoLMartin 1835 followers

Tennessee account: @CuonzoMartin  3999 followers

And again slight increases in both. Still not sure why the Missouri State one increases unless they are “confused” Tennessee fans?? Up by 23. Hello? Tennessee fans?? Are you paying attention to your new coach’s Twitter profile??? Sheesh! He even has a new picture with a Tennessee orange colored tie. Not so in the Missouri State picture.

Shaka Smart: @coachsmartvcu :    5936 followers

Brad Stevens: @BUCoachStevens :    10484 followers

Coach Smart with the bigger gain since last night. With the game between VCU & Butler tomorrow, I think I’m looking forward to checking the follower status more than the game. (NOT. Well……….maybe.)


  • Earlier today, given that it was April Fool’s Day, I thought I’d check real quick to see what was trending. When I checked, both Worldwide & in the United States, the top 2 trending topics were: #sincewebeinghonest & #aprilfools. Now that struck me as quite odd. If you’re being honest, do you really want to do that on April Fool’s Day? Why be honest about that?
  • Catching up on the tweets this evening, reporting anything true or factual seemed to be slightly more challenging. Case in point: Lon Kruger, leaving UNLV to coach the men’s basketball team at Oklahoma. Some people weren’t sure if it was true as it seemed to come out of left field. Then it was reported as true. Then it was hold on, not done yet. And finally, he takes the job. Trying to get it straight on April 1 seemed quite confusing.
  • Warren Moon played the race card regarding Cam Newton. He spoke on The Kevin Calabro Show about it. **I’m not here to argue the point. However, I will say, if you’re working with a guy in preparing for a draft, somehow it doesn’t surprise me that you come to his defense. Sometimes, your past will dictate how people look at you. Poor choices in Cam Newton’s past, will dictate much of the scrutiny he is under. Hear ESPN’s Todd McShay’s take on it on The Scott Van Pelt Show today.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Soccer. I love soccer. Many of my sports fan friends/acquaintances do not. However!!!! Great article by writer Grant Wahl regarding his attempt to run for FIFA president. If you think the NCAA is bad, FIFA is either not far behind or right there with them.

As of this writing, the Mariners are leading the A’s 6-2. We are in the 9th inning and Felix Hernandez is going for the complete game. A nice start to a long season. Too bad Dave isn’t calling it. RIP Dave.

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