The Day in Tworts

According to my calendar, Spring has sprung. It is also track season here. Early track season. And early track season means, be prepared for really, crappy weather. Like today for instance.

At 3:30, my oldest son’s track meet began. At approximately 8:45, I arrived home. During that wonderful, lovely 5+ hour time frame, I sat in rain, hail, wind and sun. Thankfully, there was no snow. Being that it’s March in the Inland Northwest however, that would not have surprised me. Praise the Lord it did not!!

Given that I sat outside for 5+ hours without access to my laptop, my Twitter-Time today was somewhat limited. I was able to check it periodically throughout the day but given the elements I was in this afternoon, it just wasn’t happening. Nevertheless, here are some observations on the day in Tworts.

Baseball season is 2 days away. @MLB asked:

“What’s your favorite opening day memory?”

My reply: I don’t have one. By the time the season is done, I forget what happened on opening day.

As the Coaching Carousel Turns continues from @goodmanonfox

 Louisiana Tech hired Ole Miss assistant Mike White today, sources told White is son of Duke AD Kevin White.

and this:

Memphis coach Josh Pastner has inked a new five-year deal to stay with the Tigers. Sources told Oklahoma never called him.

But my favorite tweet today came from @garyparrish

Can’t wait to see who breaks the Painter news today on Twitter. My guess: A radio station in New Mexico

 As of this posting, we are still waiting. Should hear more tomorrow if Matt Painter from Purdue is going to take the Missouri job.

Lots more went on today that at 10:30 at night I don’t have time to comment or get into. Suffice to say John Junker, the Fiesta Bowl and Evan Longoria’s stolen AK-47 were in there somewhere. However, keeping with the theme from yesterday’s posting, here are some numbers from today. Tracking on Twitter at 7am & comparing to tonight at 10:30 pm PST.  

Coach Brad Stevens from Butler: This morning , he had 9851 followers. Tonight he has 10,089.

Coach Shaka Smart from VCU: This morning, he had 4282 followers. Tonight he has 4716.

 Interesing stuff to say the least. Twitter is continuing to change the sports landscape. Not only in terms of media but the “all access” ability of sports figures and fans, recruiting, etc. Knowledge is power. And Twitter is leading the way.

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